Our Teachers


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Meet our Resident Staff and Teachers below


Carrie Kohan

Co Founder & General Manager

Int'l Best Selling Author and Workshop Facilitator

Carrie Kohan died twice when she was 27 and 28 years old. Her International Best Selling Book, 'The Five Lessons of Life' shares her journey and many lessons given by Spirit and the Council of Men.

Carrie has been teaching workshops since 1988 and is a former business partner of Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins.

Carrie and her husband Linds have purchased the retreat centre property with the sole purpose of opening it up to a community based way of living! A global family environment of cooperation, sharing and eco consciousness.

Carrie offers private Sessions and FREE workshop videos via her website (link below)

She also shares live event workshops using a 6-foot, 

11:11 Stargate Structure made especially for her by her long time friend Pragreet Harris of Mt. Shasta.


Linds Naylor

Co Founder & Abundance and Manifestation Teacher

Linds Naylor bought the ARC in 2016... A month before he met Carrie Kohan. He bought the 5 accommodations in a private gated community, knowing that he was buying it for a larger picture - for a dream come true.

Linds is the Master of Manifestation. He's Manifested a large portfolio of real estate; freedom to live abroad; the love of his life (who he proposed to 2 weeks after meeting in person) and the love and support of the local community, family and friends.

Linds has a successful Real Estate business - He's had it for the past 10 years, and is an

expert of Rent Now, Buy Later. Linds has bought 100s of Homes and Estates with this method of purchasing, and has taught others for many years now, on how to buy homes without immediate financing.

Lind's Spiritual Awakening moment was in June of 2016 where he had a random activation... He was deeply hurt from a former relationship, and didn't eat for 3 days. He woke up on the 3rd day feeling no pain - as if he had a new body! Linds was directed by Spirit to immediately stop eating all meat, and he's been a vegetarian ever since. Lindsay has had many Spiritual experiences and has gone from being clairsentient, to being able to see, hear and sense events in advance.  

Linds teaches courses in Real Estate Investing, and co-hosts Carrie's Freedom Masters Workshops here at the ARC, and abroad in Canada.


Amelia Kohan

Yoga & Meditation for Beginners

and Toning / Sound Therapy

Amelia Kohan is young in years - being in her 20s, but she is mature in experience and Spiritual Encounters...

Amelia has walked a balanced life of University, being a Speaker, and working in the Corporate Business World, while practicing  yoga & meditation and opening up to Spirit.

Amelia has travelled the globe as Miss Teen Vancouver and Miss Teen Canada Top Fundraiser; studying other cultures and traditions while representing her home country while abroad. Amelia is Metis, Native Canadian, and practices our traditional ways of using sage and voice vibration to clear energies and entities with ease and grace.

Join Amelia for her weekly meditation class for beginners where she ends each class with  a toning vibration that will not only ground you, but clear you - making your vision and vibration brighter and more clear.