Villa Heaven Artist's Retreat Centre
Caz and Linds Naylor

As of April 11, 2020, Linds and I have opened up our Residential Artist's Centre for writers, painters, crafters, dancers, yoga practitioners, artists of all sorts - to come here to live for 1 month intervals (max 3 months at a time) once the 'lockdown' is lifted...


The cost to rent a villa in the Algarve during peak season is approx €4000.00/week (that's $6125.39 CAD) Can you imagine?

Because we now own the property and have normal financing in place, we can share our oasis here with you at a rate that will cover our mortgages! We want to attract artists to come and share their gifts within our community! So our prices are not $300/night... Not even $100/night... Are you ready? We can offer a Residency to you for €22/night (based on shared accommodations) That's only $33.69/night Canadian! For a full month at a time! (3 months maximum)

This is an active, shared community where we ask all Residents participate in daily care of your own cooking, dishes, etc. And each person has a daily or weekly gift to share with the group for approx 1 hour per day - 2-3 days per week...


Whether it's to teach dance, yoga, meditation, singing or guitar lessons; build/construct more sacred spaces on the land, and/or maintenance of the property; share accounting skills; act as our registration manager; create a large garden to supply group with whole foods; pool maintenance; grounds carer; or teach your skills as a writer, artist, wood-worker, furniture maker, sculptor, runner, singer, musician, crafter... As an Artist's Community we shall share equally with one another all that we have to offer - while also spending time with ourselves with the intention to find a deeper sense of inner peace, love and respect.

Being located in the Algarve of Portugal, you'll be free to choose from classes offered on the Community Board from fellow Residents daily, or you can explore Portugal, Spain, France and Europe while using Villa Heaven as your home base. A safe place to always come home to in Europe...

If this sings to your Soul - we currently only have 25 beds available. We will open up as soon as flights are running again - so you must have the ability to come explore as soon as the gateways are Open!

A non-refundable, but transferable deposit is required in order to Reserve your place at Villa Heaven's Artist Retreat Centre of €333. Once you stay for your first full month, this deposit will act as your damage deposit and will be returned in full based on standard deposit fees terms and conditions.

To see pics of our Residential Artist's Retreat Centre, please go to our Gallery, where you'll see photos of Events we've hosted, weddings of Residents, and bon-fires where our Residents gathers often in the evening for music, song, and amazing conversations.

Email us directly at support@carriekohan.com with the subject line: Villa Heaven please or fill out the form enclosed, and let's get you pre-registered to come learn, teach, explore and grow your Spirit within in our safe, loving environment.

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