Villa Heaven Retreat Centre
Caz and Linds Naylor

Carrie Kohan died twice in her late 20's and upon returning from the White Void (Heaven), she felt the deep desire to build a like-minded community of those seeking to become Highly Evolved Beings HEBs. (as Neale Donald Walsh coined the term in the 'Conversation with God' series)

Carrie (Caz) had the dream to find a property where those who were Spiritual, yet non-religious, could gather and share in their gifts, insights and wisdom with one another, as well as with participants from around the world. A Centre that would be respect-based. Respect for Self, for one another and our planet Earth. A vegetarian, non-smoking environment.

At the age of 52, Carrie met Linds and moved to Portugal where they bought a self-contained community with 5 Villas and 4 large swimming pools!

For 3 years the couple ran the mini village as an Airbnb. But with a lot of nudging from Creator, they finally have opened the doors to Villa Heaven as a Communal Living Environment for those who are 29+ years of age.

"We wanted a place where mature adults who are currently practicing, or who are curious and wanting to practice the art of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and inner peacefulness could gather in the Algarve" says Kohan. "A place for those seeking a new direction and balance in their lives, and are willing to contribute to the community with their gifts and efforts as well."

"Even though we are Corporate Hippies, we are not a centre for plant-based medicine or artificial stimulants. We achieve what drugs do, naturally."

Caz and Linds share in workshops and with Residents how to truly connect with Spirit; how to have out-of-body experiences and feel altered states of consciousness - all with setting the right intention. Carrie adds that "No drugs are needed, because Life is a drug, if you know how to tap in, tune in and time-out!"

Carrie Kohan is a Canadian Cree and Ojibwe (Aboriginal) Woman and her partner Linds is a Spiritual Adventurer. Together they will share all the knowledge they have to offer, and they ask for you as a Resident, to also share your gifts with our community as well. (From Yoga Instructor to Accounting, there is a place for everyone at Villa Heaven Retreat Centre (VHRC)

Carrie is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Metaphysician and former business partner of Motivation Speaker Tony Robbins. She has built 3 multi-million dollar companies and currently facilitates her workshops in Portugal, Canada, Norway and the UK.

Linds has built a large real estate conglomerate of Rent-Now-Buy-Later Homes in his home of England and here in Portugal. Linds woke up Spiritually on June 19, 2015 and hasn't looked back since. Linds Naylor practices and shares with Residents his daily morning yoga and meditation, followed by Carrie's 1998 download, called the 'Creator's Scan'.

Villa Heaven is Linds and Caz's home - and it could also be yours if you are open to communal living with like-minded Souls in sunny Portugal! ❤️ We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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