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Rejuvenation Weekend
Villa Heaven, Accommodations Yoga & Medi
Villa Heaven, Accommodations Yoga & Medi, Estr. do Castelo, 8200 Albufeira, Portugal
A week away in the stunning Beach Community of Albufeira Portugal!
Artist Retreat Oasis! (1-12 month Stays)
Villa Heaven Artist's Retreat Centre
Villa Heaven Artist's Retreat Centre
Give yourself the gift of Freedom from your current 'Reality' and step into the relaxed oasis of Villa Heaven in sunny Portugal. Live in our Spiritually Aware yet Non-Religious, Vegetarian, Non-smoking Retreat Centre & Enjoy all its amenities Apply within for 1 - 12 months stays starting @ €15/nt
Freedom Masters Academy
Villa Heaven Retreat Centre
Villa Heaven Retreat Centre, Villa Heaven, Accommodations Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center, Estrada do Castelo, Albufeira, Portugal
A Workshop that Carrie Kohan channeled in 2012, and has helped thousands of participants over its many years of transforming people's lives! "This is a complete Body, Mind, Spirit overhaul, and I'm so thankful we attended!" Chief Superintendent of AB Social Workers
Have you ever thought of packing up your bags and doing something totally different? Getting away to somewhere unique and dedicating time for yourself - to write that book, or improve your skills as an artist? Or create a regular practice of yoga, meditation and eating well, with the intention of getting to know that beautiful Soul that lives within you, even better?
If so... This could be the perfect fit for you!
The ARC's Residential Stay is a seasonal stay program for those who wish to be immersed in the energy field of living in an non-religious / spiritually-based community that supports genuine self-discovery and creativity. The ARC is a beautiful opportunity to engage in daily practice of self-care and being creative in the Arts - whether it be painting, yoga, tai-chi, writing, or creating online courses to help others.
(Note: You don't have to be an artist to be a Resident at the ARC - Just have a willingness to explore your creative and spiritual side while enjoying the company of fellow Residents.
Participants staying at Villa Heaven in Sesmarias, Albufeira, Portugal, can take part in community activities, such as meditation, explorations, or Star-Gazing Gatherings. 
If you have a skill that you'd like to share with others - such as tapping, reiki master, running, dancing, or playing an instrument - then please offer your 45 minute session(s) with fellow Residents for free on the online community white board - as part of giving back to the community.
Because the ARC is located so close to the ocean and includes many walking and hiking activities, a reasonable amount of physical fitness is necessary to participate.
The Extended Stay is ideal for those who desire and enjoy the feeling of being alive through movement, dance, hiking, preparing great food together, and building friendships with like-minded Souls.
This program offers spaces for up to 35 Guests, with stays ranging from 1 – 6 months in duration. Arrivals and Departures are traditionally on Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursdays.
Departures are between 5am - noon 
Arrivals are between 3pm - 9pm
Early/Late arrival & departure times can be accommodated, depending upon availability and may be subject to a fee.
The ARC Activities 
By attending the ARC, Residents agree to standard shared accommodation agreements of maintaining a clean environment, and peaceful living.
Residents also believe and respect the inner belief system of Seva - meaning 'selfless service’
This refers to having no expectations of an outcome, which is applied to all aspects of our lives here at the ARC. Seva is an opportunity to let go of our identification of being a ‘doer’ and shifting into the self realization of simply 'being'; releasing judgement and living in the Now.
It is the practice of letting go of your previous story, and discovering the new you through creative and physical movement and enjoyment. It is the understanding that all actions and experiences are an outpicturing of our thoughts, expectations, and beliefs. Seva is a beautiful part of your time at the ARC, as everyone participating in this program will be involved with the community for a few hours each day - whether it be by way of contribution in the garden, maintenance of the villas, land, pools, or tents...
Depending on the season, our community fire-pit is a wonderful way to spend the evenings! Sharing great stories! Or you might chose to gather on the large rooftop terrace and watch all the UFOs that zip through the night sky! Or it may be that you choose to simply drinking up the beauty of the sacred spaces here at the ARC, while rocking in a hammock - listening to the singing crickets and the many birds as they fly overhead.
The activities offered as part of the ARC's life are physical by nature and due to the hilly land and variable climate of Portugal, it is important to be physically fit. For the safety of yourself and others, please ensure you are in good physical condition if considering applying for this program.
For information about other ways to visit Villa Heaven as a Day Guest, please see our Day Guest Calendar or contact us at
Extended Stays Includes
– Fostering friendships with others from around the world, who are like-minded
– Learning basic Portuguese (Most locals speak English)
– Experiencing a new way of living
– Living in a supportive, loving environment without any Guru or 'Religious' Belief System being followed or pushed
– Daily meditation and contemplation time
– Dialogue times with each other and Facilitators
– Daily community activities
– Free classes
– Discounted Fees on Workshops
– Initially week, being paired with a Senior Guest to help make the most of your stay and answer all your questions or needs
– The opportunity to deepen your Spiritual Connection while immersing yourself in a healthy communal lifestyle.
– Private or Shared bedroom, bathroom and communal living spaces with full kitchens, washing machines, 4 pools, 4 pool-tables, 4 ping-pong tables.
– Common grassy areas for exercise, yoga, tai-chi, etc
– Use of Labyrinth
– Community Fire-pit (seasonal); roof-top patio; garden; and many fruit trees! (Avocado; plum; almond; apple; carob and many Loquat trees!)
The following points must be met to be able to participate in this program:
– Have a deep resonance and connection with Spiritual teachings, such as Wayne Dyer, Mooji, or Carrie Kohan's 'The Five Lessons of Life'; or movies such as 'The Secret', 'Celestine Prophecy' or 'The Shack'...
– Must get along and come from a place of love and respect for your fellow Residents. This is a place for relaxation, contemplation, creation and positive dialogue.
– Agree to be tidy in your shared living.
– Agree to be a vegetarian or vegan in the house (unless we have a meat-eaters residence provided during the season)
– Social drinking only. No abuse of alcohol
– No drugs or use of drugs on the property including smoking pot (The Owner is allergic to it)
– To be available for the full duration of the program (the length and dates stated on the application form).
– Physically fit and healthy enough to fully participate in all of our activities, including the morning meditation, stretch, and be able to move about on hilly terrain in hot or cold climates. 
– To be comfortable and willing to stay in simple traditional accommodations such as tents or villas with single, double, queen or bunkbeds, with or without A/C, as accommodation is limited.
Please note, shorter stays of 2 - 3 weeks are possible depending on availability.
Also note Residents are still considered nightly stays. If a guest is disruptive to the wellbeing of the villa or community as a whole, management reserves the right to evict the Resident / Guest immediately, because the Retreat Center is equal to that of a hotel with nightly accommodation. If this occurs, the remainder of the paid rent will be applied to the damage deposit and will be returned in full within 30 days of departure, minus any expenses of damage or cleaning costs. This is an extreme case, but knowing this, it encourages everyone to get along and create a supportive and friendly environment for one another.

– €15 – €33 per day depending on accommodation type.
– Includes various types of accommodations. For accommodation options, you can enquire about availability during the application process.
– €200 Security Damage Deposit is made 30 days prior to arrival and is refundable upon completing weekly task (ie sweeping upper balcony) and leaving your room as found - in clean order. (Upon your departure, we ask you strip the sheets off your bed, put them into the washer and turn it on; fold your blanket, duvet cover and pillows for the cleaning staff to pick up; and make your bed with the clean sheets, pillows, blanket and duvet cover that we'll provide for you; plus wash and sterilize your dresser(s), closets, floor, window shelves, wash the inside of your window and prepare for the next guest to arrive)
– A nice tradition is to leave a kind note for the next person coming into the space you are departing from. Giving them words of encouragement, optimism and joy! Sharing what you loved most about your time at the ARC, and any hints or tips that could help set a positive tone for their stay.
– Our Rental agreement allows Villa Heaven to debit your credit card monthly for the term of your rental agreement, starting on the 1st day of your agreed to arrival date.
Health and Extended Stay Programs
Because of Covid, we ask those attending the ARC, be tested in their home country and receive a clean bill of health prior to traveling to Villa Heaven. We also ask that participants stay with us for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 months - depending on the country of origin and visa requirements of maximum stays.
We have opened our doors again to those who are healthy, fit and are seeking a relaxed lifestyle, filled with joy, creativity and happiness. This, we believe is a future way of living... A shared community; with shared chores, shared food preparation (once per week potluck), shared laughter, shared insights, and shared visions of hope. 
Please note that if there is an event or workshop scheduled during the Extended Stay dates, participants are able to attend for a nominal fee or by way of donation, along with the ARC admin (depending on the facilitator's request of fees).


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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