Peace-Filled Community

Villa Heaven - Artist Retreat Center

aka The ARC

Shared Living Community 

If you are looking for an alternative way of living in a communal, vegetarian, drug-free, alcohol free, traditional native conscious environment,

Come join us in one of our many Villas, here in Albufeira Portugal.

Bring your talents and expertise and share them with

fellow residents, or offer courses and classes to the general public while using the facilities here.

You don't have to be an Artist to live here...


Classes are offered by various teachers from around the globe

Activities include

Meditation / Mindfulness

11:11 Stargate Gatherings

Psychic Readings & Healings


Silent Retreats

Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

Creative Dance




Wall Mural Paintings of Mandalas



Writing Workshops

How to Write a Best Selling Book

And Conscious Living Insights


Inquiries please email support@carriekohan.com


or text via What's App

 +44 7501 421 160



Increase Your Abilities to See, Feel, Sense and Be at Peace within your own Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul

by joining like-minded friends from around the globe in a gated community in the heart of Albufeira / Sesmarias


Love Thyself

Love Thyself

   Love Thyself...

Change your Life by changing your Story!


We Welcome those who are open to living an alternative lifestyle in a communal based environment.... Ideal for those practicing Forgiveness, Compassion, Faith, Trust and Unconditional Love, wrapped up in Gratitude - The 5 Lessons,

Based on the book, 

"The Five Lessons of Life"


Intro to Meditation

90 min | 10$


"The Quieter You Become,

The More You Are Able to Hear"



Our Teachers

Co Founder

Int'l Best Selling Author - The Five Lessons of Life

Multi-Generational Psychic

Metis - Canadian Native Indian

Co Founder &
Visualization /Manifestation Leader

Real Estate Expert and Instructor of How To Rent Now and Buy Later

Gentle Yoga Movement

and Meditation for Beginners;

Clearing through Toning & Sound Classes


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