The ARC - Artist Retreat Center
A Getaway for Artists, Writers and those Seeking a Spiritual Paradise

Workshops, Retreats and a Place to Escape to. 
Where you can Relax and Just Be...

Two Locations:

  • ​4 large vilas near the sunny beaches of Albufeira

  • Plus, a Stunning Boutique Hotel in the Sacred Mountains of Monchique, Portugal​

Anyone desiring to be creative or who feels the need to let go
We invite you to come and attend our workshops here at
Villa Heaven Retreat Centre.
Some even choose to live with us during the quiet season of Sept to June, for 1 to 3 months at a time

Our doors are open to you.

Come enjoy a NEW way of living harmoniously in a creative environment filled with laughter and fun.

When most of the Algarve is asleep from the hustle and bustle of tourism - we open up our doors to our Spiritual Family to come visit, live and enjoy a getaway that is like no other. 

What to expect?

Morning Meditations
Stretching / Yoga
Amazing areas to journal and write in peace & privacy
Incredibly delicious Vegan and Vegetarian meals
In our mountain location of Monchique Portugal, breathe in the wonderful scent of eucalyptus, and drink the world-famous fresh, pure water
(There is a story that if you drink the water of Monchique, you will retain “Eternal youth")
Short drive to the centre of the town of Monchique
25 minutes to the beaches of Portimao
or... in our 2nd location, you'll only be 4 minutes from the most gorgeous beaches of Albufeira
minutes from local restaurants and super-markets
And experience the warm ocean breeze that fills the Soul with joy and ease...
If you are a Resident, you'll have the option to attend Workshops
Easy to Intense Hiking Trails to build your cardio and get Healthy!
Soak up the peacefulness, where we encourage residents to speak less and live more...

 Classes are offered by Carrie Kohan and Linds Naylor,
as well as various teachers from around the globe

(If you'd like to bring your group to our little bit of heaven,
inquire within support@carriekohan.com)

Activities include
Meditation / Mindfulness
Empath Enlightenment
Meeting your Spirit Guides
Spiritually Transcending
Enlightenment without a Guru!
Mastering Your Freedom

11:11 Stargate Gatherings
Psychic Readings & Healings
Hike to the Waterfalls

Silent Retreats
Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities
Creative Dance
Release Past Trauma and Pain

Living off the land Workshops
Wholistic Living
Living Your True Self's Path

How to Write a Best Selling Book Workshops
And Learn to Live Consciously


Monchique Pure Water


Inquiries please email support@carriekohan.com


or text via What's App

 +44 7501 421 160



Increase Your Abilities to See, Feel, Sense and Be at Peace within your own Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul

by joining like-minded friends from around the globe in a gated community in the heart of Albufeira / Sesmarias


Love Thyself

Love Thyself

   Love Thyself...

Change your Life by changing your Story!

Heal Past Pain


We Welcome those who are open to living an alternative lifestyle in a communal based environment for 1 - 3 months at a time.... Ideal for those practicing The 5 Lessons,

Based on the book, 

"The Five Lessons of Life"


Freedom Masters Workshop

7 Days in the Mountains of Monchique Portugal

Includes Food and Accommodations


"The Quieter You Become,

The More You Are Able to Hear"



Our Teachers



Int'l Best Selling Author, Speaker and Spiritual Course Facilitator

Author of Award Winning Book - The Five Lessons of Life

Multi-Generational Psychic

Metis - Canadian Native Indian


Chief Vegetarian Chef

Speaker / Trainer

Real Estate Expert

(Teaches you how we bought these 5 properties 

with his unique Rent Now, Buy Later



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